Honest How To See Aura Review – Scam Revealed!

Is the How To See Aura another scam? Personal How To See Aura Review reveals the truth.

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What does a rainbow aura mean?

May 27th, 2011 · 5 Comments · How To See Aura FAQ

When i look at my aura it has a lot of coulours. It is kind of like water rippling with the common colours. red, orange, blue, green, yellow…eexct. it doesnt go from one colour to another but it always has each colour. What does this mean?

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  • Alice

    that your aura is like a mirror (mine is like this alot too) It changes with who youre with, if its like mine, it reflects other people’s energy/aura causing it to go like that, if im right youre kinda sensative to other people’s emotions

  • Lynn

    Pure beauty.

  • joyful jess

    If you are a virgo, it makes sense. You can see auras because you are sensitive to things other then in the human world. Your aura is reflecting on others and yours reflect on thiers. Do you ever feel sad when someones sad? Or does someone feel happy when your happy? Thats why, the people around you right now have different feelings and it affecting you.

  • ifanorangeiscalledanorange?

    it means you need to put the pipe down

  • ericabishop691newDragonflyTattoo

    i asked my freind,another Wiccan,and she said that you are a trustworthy person. That is what it means